What are the pros and cons of choosing different platforms for designing and selling an application?

Joe Videtto April 7, 2012
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I have an idea for an application (an educational game), and am trying to decide which platform to develop on (I haven’t written code in 10 years, and the learning curve will be high).

I had written a previous post about “making money with Apple Apps”, and gotten the feedback ‘don’t expect to make money – do it because you like it’.

Well – I agree – I’m doing because I like it, but I also like the possibility of selling and making some money from it.

That said – how might I go about choosing what language to develop it in, if I also like the possibility of being able to possibly sell and make some royalties from it ?


  1. Indronil Mondal
    April 10, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    there is a huge competition
    first try to establish yourself by making small funky free apps themes then apps those are supported by adds,make a name in the market,
    then you can give your best shot with the paid version of the app you want to build,
    and as your app is an educational game i think it will be targeted to teenagers and kids ,
    and as far as i have seen HERE 90 % teenagers or kids simply don't have apple
    they use feature phone or an android, sometimes Symbian or blackberry and rarely apple or windows or bada
    so i think
    you should develop in   J2ME and android first then
    port your app to QT and other platforms if you want .

  2. James Bruce
    April 7, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Well, if you want to make apple apps, which generally earn the most revenue compared to other mobile platforms, then your choice is limited to objective-c. Easy!