How can I play flash games offline?

Tobias Rieper May 22, 2010
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I tried everything suggested in a previous question (// with some games.

First one is Splitter 2 and then the games from Those from candystand can be saved, but can’t be played. Splitter 2 looks like is “splitted” in very tiny pieces. Ok, I understand.

Games I already downloaded, e.g. parking-shuffle.swf (which has 2.99 MB) are unable to play in Opera, Firefox or IE. They just freeze. There were some games that after a few seconds I had to right-click the flash player menu and hit the context menu play button, but now it looks like it doesn’t work anymore.

I tried live http page source code, everything that I tried before and worked on any site. Looks like there is a feature called “site locked”. Is there a new catch so we can play online games offline, e.g.

Please, if you know anything let me know. Meanwhile I will keep searching. I used Opera and Firefox all updated, flash players updated, Windows updated etc.

Thank You!!!

  1. y3games
    May 26, 2010 at 9:56 am

    Fundamentally, y3- a flash game directory allowing you to choose any game that you wanted to play with it without paying for anything. The different game categories are located at the left corner of the screen to help you surf the site better, there when you choose one like Racing for instance, it will appear a new screen that shows all the games under such category.

    Each kind of flash game includes its own feature to make you identify each one better. As a result, it’s easier to access, you will not bored from all those recurring games that you see from one site to another, because further incorporated various games to make your gaming experience much better.

    As long as you visit their new site, you will be able to unveil many innovative games that are expected to make a name in gaming history someday. Another interesting change that the site underwent is its design. How does this mean? The site was able to eradicate all those unnecessary banners and advertisements that are inherent on the site back then. Nevertheless, because of the change, y3 is now able to remain simple yet adorable so the loading of the games that people are used to play within the site will come quick and easy. It’s no good waiting for so long just to make.

    Morever, free online games play an important role in the organization of the internet world. Maybe if there aren’t sites like y3, people would not even be interested in staying in front of the computer for such a long time. Fortunately, now we have them. And what makes us really grateful is the truth. So next time only you stay at home and have nothing to do, the way to kill time is visiting the new and improve y3 and enjoy their new games. Now if you still would like to stick on their habitual games, there is nothing to fret about because you can also find them. Just look for them at the game categories situated on the left side

  2. Anonymous
    May 23, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Thanks guys for your time and answers, but I already tried all things (file2hd, live http from firefox, flash directly from cache). The method submited by u guys work flawless.. I knew it that before I even posted this question...

    The problem is with those games that are site locked (though i think I have a full version in my cache or from live http requests) just displays me "Site locked blah blah". One solution would be to find the same game on a different site and take it from there (Successfull method for SOME games but not all games can be find all the web e.g. :(( )...

    And another problem is with the games "sliced" in a number of pieces (the player or browser manage somehow to put them together with the help of a script I think) and is useless...Now I wanna ask u something...If u know any method to play offline flash games please try it on those 2 games....

    1 -
    2 -

    (Update looks that today I have only 2 SWF pieces, last time I had at least 12 pieces related to splitter 2 in my requests though I am not sure i tried casualcollective anyway the game cannot be played offline with all methods known)...

    If u try any of your method and u could play it offline I am sure I would be able to...

    P.S. Thanks again for your effort to tell someone something already discussed in previous posts!!!

    • Tobias Rieper
      March 1, 2011 at 2:47 pm

      PROBLEM SOLVED with site locked games (partially)...Instruction found on // are incomplete so that's why last time tried xampp didn't work!!!!!! Before start xampp u have to edit your hosts file located in Cwindowssystem32driversetchosts (open with notepad) and add a line that's like (or whatever domain is locked your flash)...If u can't save the file after editing make sure u unchecked the box that says read only!!!!! After that launch xampp, start apache and everything goes well. Further info are already said on the link.....The good side is that almost any site locked game can be played offline with this method (except those that requires internet for uploading scores or others)....The bad side is that I have found a game that is immune to XAMMP method (Damn) and I have no idea what kind of protection is using...See for yourself and if u have some spare time try EVERYTHING U know and tell me what worked!!!! Any solution is appreciated!!! Cheers!

      • Tina
        March 1, 2011 at 6:11 pm


        thanks for sharing the solution!

        As for the game that is resistant to the hosts file trick, why don't you post a new question? Your chances of receiving an answer would be much higher!

  3. fruitgeek
    May 23, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    I'm not sure if you've tried this already or not, but if you use firefox, go to page info>media and download the swf. Also, it is possible that the publisher has implemented some sort of script that prevents you from doing this so that you must see the ads on the website...

  4. Anonymous
    May 23, 2010 at 2:37 pm!-Copying-From-Browser-Ca/
    I tried it, it worked. Some flash games are programmed to be unplayable offline because they connect to the internet for leader boards or something like that so the game would crash.

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