How can I backup Outlook 2003 when upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

Rick October 11, 2010

I will upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and I have a lot of eMails on Outlook 2003. Is there any way to save the eMails, the accounts configured, and all the rules and personal configuration and load them on the new operating system?

  1. Mike
    October 12, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    You'll definitely want to move your .pst as mentioned by the others.

    Moving your Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP settings and password) is complex since they are stored within the registry under your users GUID. My experience is you are faster setting up the accounts manually on the new installation.

    I recommend the following links for details on all other things:
    Unfortunately the last (very informative) link is Office 2000 but it shouldn't be too different

  2. Anonymous
    October 12, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Hi. REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate to Move Outlook Items to Another Computer1.Open Outlook Explorer.2.If you are using Outlook XP or 2000, right-click on the Folder at the top of the left pane, and, from the context menu that appears, select Properties. If you are using Outlook 6, you need to expand the Folders and right-click on the Inbox .3.When you select the Properties option, you are presented with a dialog box with the location of the Outlook folders (see Figure 3 below). The full path is displayed as a label in Outlook 6 and as a text box under the Advanced tab in Outlook XP or 2000.4.Select the entire path from "C:" to "Outlook Express". Do not copy the filename given after "Outlook Express." For example, if the path is C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{B7ABE5FE}MicrosoftOutlook ExpressInbox.dbx, you need only the C:Documents and SettingsArunLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{B7ABE5FE}MicrosoftOutlook Express.5.Copy, paste, and save this path in a text file.6.Open a Windows Explorer window, and paste the path into the address bar and press Enter.7.Before proceeding to copy the folders to a CD or flash drive, you need to check if there are any hidden files or folders in the Outlook Express folder. To check this, check the Show Hidden Files and Folders in the View tab of the dialog box that you get when you select Folder Options in the Tools menu.8.The next step is to select all the files and folders in the Outlook folder. If you are using a version previous to Windows XP, you will need some CD burning software to copy the files to the CD. Otherwise, you can simply paste the files to the CD or flash drive. Do not forget to copy the text file containing the path in both cases.9.You now have all the emails, calendars, tasks, and other important things from Outlook, but you may also want to copy the address book. To copy the address book, use the Export option in the File menu of the Outlook Express. Once exported, use the method described above to copy it to the flash drive or to the CD. Now you are all set to move your Outlook messages to the new computer.10.Boot the new computer. Use the path you stored in the text file to open the Outlook Folder on the new computer. To do this, copy the path from the text file, open a Windows Explorer window, paste the path into the address bar, and hit Enter.11.Copy all the files from the CD or flash drive to the Outlook Express folder. When you are prompted to overwrite the files and folders, select Yes to is a guide

  3. jhpot
    October 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    To find where you emails are stored, click "File" followed by "Data File Management". There you'll see the .pst files where your emails, contacts and calendar data are stored (assuming you don't use Exchange.)

    If you want to migrate your settings and such to Windows 7, though, you're going to have a hard time. I don't know of a simple way to do this, and would be grateful to anyone who does.