How can I optimize my website for search engines?

Andrea Morrison January 2, 2012
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I am building a website, on a very restricted budget, and was looking for some advice on getting it noticed. Can anyone explain, in layman’s terms how to do this, and especially about Nabtags? Many thanks!

  1. James Bruce
    January 3, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Forget nabtags, it not the effort. Not sure where you heard about them, but I've never heard of it and I used to do this search-engine marketing thing for a living. It looks like just another social bookmarking service.  

    First up, tell us what system you're using. If you're using WordPress, then I would direct you to the free guide I wrote on WordPress, which includes an entire chapter on SEO (search engine optimization) and precisely the plugins you can use to do it. (

    Other responses to your question will no doubt point you to the numerous other times this has already been asked, so I'll leave it to others to dig up those links ;)

    My only advice would be very careful of anyone trying to sell you the latest SEO 'secret' , or offering thousands of backlinks. There is no secret sauce, just hard work, writing good content, using good keywords, using a good platform and real domain name, and a little social media activity never hurt either.

    • Princessandrea1961
      January 3, 2012 at 1:48 pm

       Thanks for the help James and thank you for cutting through all the hype. That was my biggest problem - wading through all the offers. I have downloaded your guide and will have a good look at it.

      Thanks again.