Why can I not open URLs in Windows 7 Word using the Ctrl key?

Rich F November 3, 2010

Using Wndows 7, after I copy an address and save it in Word to look at later, I cannot use CTRL to view the site. Response, “restricted on this computer, see system administrator”. I am the only user, how can I fix this?

  1. Ryan
    November 4, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Sounds like you are not using an administrator account possibly which limits what you can do. Or some settings are trying to protect you from clicking links and going to malicious sites.

    I would look into the Word options and see if there are any security settings that will prevent users from clicking URLs in word documents.

    You could also make a shortcut on your desktop what would open up the site instead of having a word document filled up with URLs.

    Theres also tabbed browsing as well where you can have many sites all open in one window so that you can go back to it later.

    Some browsers even let you make folders in your bookmarks/favorites so you could make a special folder to bookmark/favorite the temporary sites and delete them after you have read them.

    I know some of these are alternatives to fixing the problem, but sometimes thats the easiest.