How can I narrow down the location of a mobile phone using tracking methods?

Aditya Rai March 31, 2011
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The mobile phone tracking or even the reverse look-up just gives us the circle and service provider. I know that pin point location is no possible, but is there a way that that the tracking information could be narrowed down even further?

Example: I enter a Kolkata mobile number with Airtel. The tracker shows Airtel & Circle as Kolkata. But is there a way it can show me North Calcutta, Shyam Bajar?

Any assistance or advises will be of real help.

  1. Mike
    March 31, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    The accuracy depends mostly on the method how the location was determined.

    If the data was gathered via a single cellphone tower it can be anywhere within it's coverage. If it was triangulated the location is within the overlapping area (they more towers are in range they more accurate it will be). If it's GPS data it can be as accurate as 2-3 meters.

    There is also a method using WiFi but I don't consider it worth mentioning.

    The main problem is that most services don't offer access to the raw data so you can only speculate about the accuracy.

    Here is a good article about that topic:

    If you are using an Android or Windows mobile phone there are Third-Party-Apps which can be set to force GPS location data - e.g. send you an email with the phones current GPS coordinates. All you have to do is enter them into Google Maps or whatever is capable to use those coordinates.