Why does my modem / UPS reconnect upon a power outage although there is a full generator backup?

Sanjay July 8, 2011
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In India, we have regular power outages, say twice or thrice a day. We, however, have 100% generator backup where I live. The problem is this – my modem connected to power through a UPS disconnects and reconnects when there is a power outage. UPS seems to have continuity otherwise. PC and monitor have full continuity.

But here is the most crucial part – modem is also continuous when I switch off power from the socket connecting power to the UPS. Discontinuity occurs only in modem and only when there is power outage. Not when power is switched off locally.

Can anyone tell me what might be happening? It is a Huawei DSL broadband modem. Also, there is a surge protector between modem and UPS.

  1. Mike
    July 8, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    In general I'd say you either have a line-interactive or standby UPS. This means as soon and only when the power is cut the UPS will switch to it's backup battery. This very small gap usually is enough to cause a modem to disconnect or even reboot.

    The only way to ensure non-stop connectivity would be to use an online UPS. This is a more expensive type of UPS which is being used to isolate equipment from any fluctuations and anomalies within the power-grid which would also occur when the power is cut and a switch to the battery done (e.g. you will see those types being used in hospitals where equipment is too sensitive to be exposed to fluctuations).