Why do most mobile app developers develop apps?

Drsunil V March 27, 2014
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Why do most mobile app developers develop apps? Is it mainly monetisation of free service , or increase audience , or because Android is so ubiquitious that most apps are only for the ‘high’ of reaching many users even if the service may be only a hobby. An inqusitive question!

  1. Dalsan M
    March 29, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    If you are talking about developers like the ones you find at XDA-Developers, many of them like the notoriety and somewhat "fame" of creating a great product that many users download and use, others want to create apps that have better capabilities, options, and quality than what is found, and yet others want to create apps just because they can (such as apps that are "proof of concept"). There are developers that want to make a profit, others just ask for donations to keep motivated. This is where it can become difficult for the developers that do it for hobby; if it seems like support is low, even if there are many downloads of the app, the developer may wish to stop support and updates of the app, and then would move onto another project.

    Many XDA developers are either college students that took courses on creating apps, work or worked as a professional developer, and/or are die hard hobbyists. Much of the same can be said for other developers that do the same things for other operating systems, such as Cydia for iOS. But many of the apps that you find in the market stores that are from big names, such as EA, Play First, etc., are in it for the money through advertising, in app purchases, and/or price of the app.

    Development for anything that is open source, be it Linux operating systems or software that run on these operating systems, have been questioned many times as to why so many people want to spend countless sleepless hours creating and fixing projects if they do not get paid or make profit for doing so. There is much more to say, but then it would turn into an article instead of a normal post to a comment.

  2. Appleundertree
    March 28, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    Because they can earn advertising income from admob.