Messed up Windows XP OS Directory Structure

Mudge February 16, 2010
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As a first time PC owner, I’ve sort of screwed up my file structure; so much so that I’m too embarrassed to say much more than I’ve got three, that’s THREE, ‘My Pictures’ folders in three different areas of my system–and none of them are duplicates, they each have three different sets of photo collections.

Is there anywhere I might find an example of the XP OS folder/directory structure to better understand where these folders were originally? I’ve tried looking myself but have been very unsuccessful.

  1. Jack Cola
    February 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    If you right click on your My Documents folder on the desktop, select properties, and in one of the tabs it will show the target location.

    This is the location of where your My Documents and my pictures folders are in the default position. So you should move all your pictures into that location.