Can a meeting I recorded with a digtal recorder be converted to a Word document?

LaJuana Fleming September 10, 2011

We used a digital recorder to record a committee meeting and burn it to a CD. We need to turn this voice CD to a Word document to include it with the minutes of the meeting. These minutes need to me in great detail. It needs to turn the voice to the Word document to save time. Our minutes have to be in such great detail that it is taking time away from completing the research reviews. Please HELP, Thank you.

  1. Anonymous
    September 11, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Dragon Naturally Speaking the software program, then open a new document. Connect a computer headset in the audio jack of the computer. Put the headset on. Open your Windows Media Player. Open the audio file and press the "Play" . Stop after a few seconds. Click the voice recognition software program tab, which is open in your bottom Windows toolbar. Repeat the words that you heard in the audio file.  Continue to play and repeat a few seconds of audio at a time until you have transcribed the entire file

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