How can I measure the download and upload speed from my PC to FileTram?

allengether April 8, 2011
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There is upload function on FileTram and I want to measure the upload speed from my PC to FileTram. Also, I want to know the download speed. Does it depend on type of your account, i.e. premium or non-premium? Many thanks.

  1. Anonymous
    April 9, 2011 at 8:05 am

    your ADSL connection plays an important role when it comes to file transfer speed.
    You can make some general speed test

    File Transfer Time - Data Transfer Speed Calculator
    1)Your actual transfer speeds will likely be a bit slower than the calculator shows. Why? Because on a normal Internet connection your transfer speed is decreased by:
    The quality of the line and your connection to the the Internet specifically you can read up on the influence of latency and jitter.
    2)There's certain amount of your bandwidth used by your modem and ISP in just in keeping the line open!

    Upload Bandwidth Test

    Speed test