How can I map a network drive in Windows XP to a Mac?

pald November 3, 2010

I have a network scanner that is connected to a Windows XP desktop. All my scan files are stored in a folder in Windows. I have a iBook G4 Mac book. I would like to know if there is a way to map a network drive on the Mac, so I can access my scan folder?

  1. Anonymous
    November 4, 2010 at 9:02 am


    A)Obtain you Windows machine's IP Address.
    Method 1:
    Click Start -> Click Control Panel -> Click Network and Internet Connections -> Click Network Connections -> Right Click Local Area Connection -> Select Status -> Click the Support Tab
    Method 2
    Click Start > Click Run -> Type CMD -> Type ipconfig

    B)Setting Up A Network
    Click Start -> My Network Places -> under Network Tasks click Set up a home or small office network, this will start the Network Setup Wizard -> click Next twice -> select your appropriate connection method -> Enter in a computer description (example WinXP) and a computer name (example SCOTTWIN) Click Next -> Enter a workgroup name (example SCOTTS) click next -> Select turn on file and printer sharing. Follow the rest of the prompts if any and then move on to the next step.

    C)Selecting File/s or Drive/s to Share
    Navigate to the file or drive you want to share -> Right Click on it -> Select Sharing and Security -> Select the Check Box for Share this folder on the network -> Give it a name (example Win) -> Repeat for other folders or drives.

    D)Firewall Setup
    make sure you configure your firewall, allowing access from your Mac's IP address.
    navigate to the "truste Zones" and add my IP.

    E)Setting Up Your Mac
    Select Network and Locate your Macs IP Address from the info

    Step 2
    Got to Applications -> Utilities Folder -> Click on Directory Access

    -> Click on the Padlock in the lower left corner of the screen and type your password when prompted -> Click the Check Box next to SMB/CIFS -> Then click on the Configure Button -> Type in the name of the workgroup that you created in the Windows Network wizard

    Step 3
    Go to System Preferences -> Click on Sharing

    Click the padlock in the lower left and enter your password when prompted -> Click the Check Box next to Windows Sharing

    Next click the Accounts button -> Click the check boxes for the accounts that you want to allow sharing with.

    Step 4 Connecting To Your Windows Machine from OS X

    From the Finder menu Click Go -> Select Connect To Server

    Type in the your Windows Machines IP Address

    A window will pop up requesting the -> Workgroup name -> user name (type in your Windows account name) -> Password (your Windows account password)
    Select the File Name or Drive Name you setup on Windows to share and Hit OK

    An Icon should now appear on your desktop and a window will open showing the contents of your shared Windows folder,

    XP. Right-click on the folder you want to share of Windows XP click on sharing and security option. Click on share this folder. Now in the share name field make sure you give only one name like : "mycomputer" or "windows" and not multiword names to avoid any issues

    1. In the Finder, click on the Go menu, select Connect to Server.2. Enter the address to where the resource is you wish to map. (i.e. smb:// Enter your network password when prompted.4. A new icon should appear on the desktop. That is your mapped network drive.Step by Step1. Click on the desktop and press command + K2. Type smb://yourcomputername/yoursharedfolder and click Connect3. Click on the apple in the upper left corner and go to System Preferences4. Under System, click Accounts5. Choose your account on the left and select Login Items6. Click the + then locate the drive to be mapped under SHARED then click Add7. The drive will now show up as a login item, DO NOT to click the check box8. Click the desktop and click Finder9. Click Preferences, General Tab10. Select the check box next to Connected servers11. Congrats, your have an icon on your desktop that is mappedStep-by-step1. Press Command + K2. Then enter: smb://servername/sharename or IP address3. Open the finder preference pane4. Make sure the box next to “Connected Servers” under General is checked5. Right click on the icon on your desktop representing the mounted drive6. Choose make alias (And optionally rename the drive to something more specific)7. Go back and uncheck the box next to “Connected Servers”8. Upon restart or disconnect, just double-click on the alias and it will remount [Broken Link Removed]

    [Broken Link Removed]

    or use VirtualBox's