Why does my MacBook Pro not boot up?

Jay September 10, 2011
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My MacBook Pro will not fully start and I cannot shut my it down. Power button on back of CPU doesn’t respond. When I make it “start” it only makes quiet “start-like” noise and nothing happens. Please advise me what is it and what are my options? Thank you!

  1. Mike
    September 11, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    With the vague information I can think of several scenarios

    For example the System Management Controller could be stuck within a deep sleep mode. Other options depending on what the device does and what you see on the screen are dead Hard Drive, dead graphics cards, damaged logic board, etc...

    What do you consider a "start-like" noise? Does it make the famous Mac start "gong" or doesn't it? Any other noise (except the internal FAN or the Hard Drive powering on) usually indicates a hardware issue. For example a scratching or clicking noise would be a mechanical problem with the Hard Drive (try to locate the source of the noise). If it is some beep sequence and the source of the noise seems to be the internal speakers I tend to say it's a memory issue.

    It would also be good to now what model (as in age) of MacBook Pro you are using. If it's an older one where you can take out the battery I would start troubleshooting by doing that and disconnecting the Power Adapter. This will turn your device off definitely.

    If the display is dark and the power indicator light is dark you can try resetting the SMC.
    For a MBP with removable battey:
    1. disconnect the MagSafe Power Adapter
    2. remove the battery
    3. press and hold the power button for 5 seconds

    For one with a not-self-removable battery:
    1. plugin the MagSafe Power Adapter
    2. press Shift-Control-Option (left side on the built-in keyboard) and power button at the same time for 2-5 seconds
    3. release the buttons and try powering on

    Other then that I suggest to visit the next Apple Authorized Service Provider with your MacBook Pro. They will be able to identify the problem within minutes having hands-on on device.

  2. Mulder
    September 11, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    What you describe is very vague; we need more information than what you've given here. If your Macbook Pro starts, what do you see; and if you try to shut it down, how are you doing it and what happens?

    Do you have a backup of your entire hard drive, what have you tried to solve the problem, and when did it first start happening?