Will I lose my contacts by syncing to Google?

Ed C July 8, 2010
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I used to sync my contacts between MS Outlook on my work laptop and my HTC Touch Pro. Then my laptop crashed and was taken away, so all my contacts are now only on the Touch Pro.

Meanwhile, I have started to use Google Calendar, syncing via ActiveSync/MS Exchange on the Touch Pro. I would now like to sync all the contacts on my phone to my Google account as well.

However, when I go into ActiveSync and check the Contacts box under MS Exchange it tells me I must first uncheck the Contacts box for Windows PC; and when I do THAT, it says ActiveSync must remove all contacts synchronized to your device using ActiveSync if I want to proceed. How do I get past this and sync my contacts to Google without losing all the contacts on my phone?

  1. Jayarathina Madharasan
    July 18, 2010 at 9:33 am

    I personally would not recommend you to use Google contacts. Because you might end up with duplicate contacts or in worst case may delete some of your contacts. Google adds contacts on its own (depending on your frequency of mailing him/her) and contacts are updated automatically whenever they modify their Google profile. Unfortunately there is no setting to change this behavior.

  2. phil
    July 14, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    If you have an exchange server then all your contacts will be on there as well as your phone.

    Best bet is to choose 1. Ether use Google or use your exchange server. If you have exchange i recommend using that.

    With exchange you can just take any other laptop, rejoin it to the domain and load up outlook. It will restore all your data to the outlook client on your back in action. Also outlook has OWA ( outlook Web Access ) that allows you to access your email,contacts,calendar via a web browser. You could use this interface as a temp solution until you get your laptop fixed. Talk to your IT guy if you do have an exchange server he should know how to get you up and running.

    If you don't have exchange and want to move to google i would search for a problem that would allow you to export or save all your contacts in the phone. Then import them into google so you don't lose them. I know you can do this with blackberries so i am sure that your HTC will have the same option