What are the legal options for hacked e-mail accounts?

Juliet M. Kay October 13, 2014
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Did anyone hack my e-mail around February 2014? How do I know if someone hacked my account?

Please provide detailed information on how to handle the legal proceeding for finding whoever may have hacked my e-mail account.

I suspect that someone has, and is hacking, my e-mail account. My concerns are:

  1. Someone set up another email account using his name or other names.
  2. They forwarded my e-mails from (EMAIL REMOVED) to those fraudulent accounts that they had set up to alienate me from my relatives and friends.

I would appreciate your earliest response on this matter.

Thank you.

  1. Jan F.
    October 13, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Let me ask you in return:
    Did someone hack your e-mail account?
    Did you change your password yet?

    If you suspect someone to have access to your mail account scanning your computer for malware and when found clean, changing your email password (and probably all others) should be your first action to take.

    If it did happen around February (and is not ongoing) it is pretty pointless to go after that now.
    In most countries telecommunication data retention is limited to 6 months at best. So while it would have been difficult to 'capture' a smart hacker back then, it is pretty much impossible now. Taking legal actions now would probably cost you more nerves (maybe even money) than it is worth it.

    If you feel like it is an ongoing thing you should contact your email provider and have them check the account logins as well as any forwarding or deletion actions (as far as that is possible on their end).

    • alicia arias
      November 17, 2014 at 1:58 am

      I have a problem with privacy my husband or ex got into and changed my passwork my email my gmai and facebooks I didn't even make I want to know my rights my phones r not working so I sent it to my dads he went threw it and now they wont let me back in pls send to my addresss I have custody of my kids n my neice n parents are trying to use my email that wasn't for them and now he erased it all and I wanna know what I can do about it do not talk to vallorie she pretends to bme I have a lot of explanations to lies they have made up but my family is trying to get my kids cuz of money my neice is worse than her mother and my pharents have been taking advantage f me for three years