Where can I learn how to use the GPS in my Nokia 5230?

vignesh October 18, 2010

Using the GPS in my Nokia 5230 is a bit confusing. Can you give me some ideas or instructions? Are any websites regarding this available?

  1. Anonymous
    October 20, 2010 at 7:25 am



    i will suggest you to again check following things.

    1) Positioning setting->Methods->ensure that you have Integrated GPS, Assisted GPS, Network Based methods all enabled

    2)Positioning server -> supl.nokia.com

    3)Access point -> this should be valid access point by which you are using internet on mobile.

    Please check followings steps:-

    1)Ensure that you have Memory card in your 5230.

    2)Download and Install OVI Suite 2.1 or Nokia Map Loader, which allows you to download and install Maps for your country/area, also navigation language packs.



    3)Try again, now you should be able to see maps with your location.There are many additional nice features like free navigation,guides.

    4)You can also go to m.google.com on your phone and download and install google maps.

    Please note that Google Maps always need data connection to show maps, OVI Maps doesnt need always data connection.

    When you run OVI Maps on the 5230, the GPS will be activated. You'll have to wait till the GPS receives signals from at least 4 satellites to get a "fix" or "lock" This can take some time depending on where you are. Using A-GPS is an advantage for a faster fix.

    Positioning server should be supl.nokia.com and valid access point should be specified. means you should be able to use data connection via same access point.

    You can try to install Google Maps and check whether that shows your location, exact or approximate.

    Location can be approximate if its been done via Network based(Cell tower triangulation), Assisted GPS(via fetching location details from GPRS and assisting actual GPS)

    If you dont want to use data connection, then only enable integrated GPS in positioning methods and try