Why is my laptop turning off and making terrible noises?

zabi October 14, 2011

My laptop turned off suddenly after getting overheated. Now the fan makes a terrible sound. Does anyone know what’s wrong or how to repair it?

    October 15, 2011 at 2:55 am

    Hello, what brand/model laptop do you have?  The reason I ask, is because there are many tutorial online about how to open your laptop and fix specific issues.  Like the previous poster said, it could be the bearings that are damaged. 

    Once a laptop starts overheating is because of accumulated dust on the fans.  Once dust gets to clog the fan, there is no good air flow inside the laptop and it overheats.  If there is no good air flow, the laptop is not bringing fresh air in and is not taking hot air out, therefore it overheats.  Accumulated dust can stress the fan because the fan will try to keep up with the heat.  Also this can cause the bearings to fail because of stress. 

    The reason many people takes cases like this to technicians is because they not want to open them or because there is no know how.  The problem with reaching the fan in a laptop is that most models have to be taken completely apart to clean the fan.  It is not hard to do but you have to be careful, with the cables and wires.  Also you have to take care to record where every screw/piece goes so that you can put it back together. 

    If it was a case of overheating without noise, I would say you could probably get away with opening the laptop, cleaning the fan/ducts from dust and also apply fresh thermal paste between the cpu and cpu cooler fan.  If there is noise, I am afraid, your only option would be to replace the fan.  The best way would be to take the fan out, look for a part number and according to your model buy one same as the old one and then install it.

  2. M.S. Smith
    October 14, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    It seems like your system fan is on the outs. The bearing in it may have worn out, or it may have become loose, causing the fan to make contact with other parts of the laptop and result in a "terrible noise."

    If you want to try, you can open up the laptop by removing the screw in the bottom. Be warned, however, that this can be a more involved process than you expect, because a lot of laptops also require that you pry them open with a sharp object after you removed the screws. It can be a disturbing process.

    Alternatively, you can ask a repair shop to try and fix it. But don't be surprised if they require a fairly high fee, because fixing this problem would likely take one to three hours, plus parts.