Why is my laptop monitor no longer responding?

Emily December 6, 2010

I replaced the battery and the charger. I hear it boot up, and some numbers flash at the very top left-most part of the screen. Then the screen just stays dark blue. What can I do?

  1. Aibek
    December 27, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Hey Emaily,

    Did you figure out the cause of the problem? Managed to fix it? Let us know.


  2. Anonymous
    December 7, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    first try going through the setup screen and selecting the default values for the BIOS!

    then try unplugging it, removing the battery, and letting it sit for 6-8 hours, then booting up again. have u check the bios settings? or the CMOS battery? Other than that it sounds like maybe a short but if u can turn it on with the AC power and then remove AC power and it will run off of the battery!!!!

    try to remove cmos battery and after 15min put it back again and try to boot.

    Well the laptop fails POST (power-on self test) when the battery is
    connected. Again this can mean a few things too. Laptops draw a lot of
    current when first turned on. And weak batteries draw a lot of current
    too. So the AC adapter is maxing all its power to power the laptop and
    to charge the battery at the same time. Which could be too much for it.

    can you boot on windows cd, also finally try to recover your system with your laptop recovery solutions, hand if graphical card drivers are corruped somehow