Are laptop DVD drives universal or interchangable?

scott July 10, 2011

My dog pulled my Lenovo laptop onto the floor and now the DVD drive isn’t working properly. I have an Acer laptop and was wondering if I could drop that DVD drive into the Lenovo?

  1. Mike
    July 11, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Yes and no~ it vastly depends on the models of both devices.
    For example some ThinkPads use an unique optical bay which requires you to dissemble both, the current and the replacement drive and fit the new one into the special bay.

    Also if your laptop fell down on the floor I don't really see the optical drive getting damaged unless it was currently in use or had a CD inside. There is the chance of it not being the drive itself but the mainboard or internal connector.

    Personally I suggest to look into your Lenovos manual and see how to run the hardware diagnostics (PC-Doctor) and make sure there is no other damage.