Why does my laptop display a Ethernet Controller (Code 28)?

Obinna Peter November 17, 2011

Please, I have this problem on my laptop. Ever since I upgraded from Window XP to Window7, I can not connect to the Internet again with my laptop. My device manager says my Ethernet controller is faulty. My Laptop is Dell Inspiron 1000. How do I fix it?

    November 18, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Hello, usually error 28 means there is a missing driver for the device or the wrong driver is installed..  Have you installed new drivers in your build for ethernet?  Did windows 7 try to install a driver?  if it did, Was that when you got the error?  If that is what happened, you can roll the driver back and see if that fixes it.  I would uninstall the driver for the ethernet card and see if windows 7 installs a driver for it.  Of course, this driver is a generic one, but if there is no physical problems with your ethernet, a generic driver might be the best choice at least until you update the drivers. 

    Also you could try uninstalling the ethernet card in device manager and restart your computer.  Once computer restarts, ethernet card will be recognize and the drivers would be installed.  Is wireless running ok?  If it is, make sure to update your system with Windows Update.  Also, you might want to check the compatibility list to see if your ethernet card is compatible with 7.  I doubt that is the problem but it doesn't hurt to check.


    There are other things you could try but I am going give you time to go through these ones first.  The last option would be to replace the ethernet card...if proven there is something wrong with it.