Is there a ‘kid safe’ document sharing site like Google Docs?

Mike November 29, 2010
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I recently read the article on this site 5 Great Alternatives To Google Docs You Should Consider 5 Great Alternatives to Google Docs You Should Consider Google Docs has its shortcomings. Maybe you want to avoid Google for privacy concerns. Or you might need different features. We found five excellent alternatives and one of them will work for you. Read More by Umar.
While it was most interesting, it did not seem to address the specific area of concern I have, so I reach out for further answers.

Document sharing (collaborating) has found its way into the elementary to high school arena. The local school system here has decided to mandate students onto Google Docs. Keeping in mind we’re talking about k-12 grade students, the concern is with the “added features” that Google insists on including: Chat, Video Chat, email, free national web-based phone calling. I would hope the potential for abuse, and lack of parental control, is obvious.

Is there a safe / limited site for school kids to collaborate on something like a Word or Powerpoint project with the other, unrelated features?