What iPhone app would you recommend for GPS Mapping old orchard trees?

Penelope Bossom August 5, 2011

We are a community orchard group, restoring one of England’s beautiful old fruit orchards & would advice on what app & how we can map/name the trees. Thinking of using a naming system with the co-ordinates. Can other cheap apps import waymark lists with names?

  1. James Bruce
    August 8, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I'm actually developing a website now which will allow something very similar, whereby users will be able to add points to their local area that show public foraging sites for fruit, nuts, mushrooms and such. It's going to use the free google maps API to achieve what you're asking, and it can import points of interest using a standard XML file format - unfortunately, that's quite a lot of custom coding, and I'm not aware of any apps that offer that kind of functionality for free at the moment.