How should I install my PSP custom firmware?

Kerri Powles August 5, 2011
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I have a PSP 1003 (phat) running 6.39 Official Firmware, which I want to put CFW onto, so that I can play my EBOOT.PBP games on.

I found a video that shows instructions on how to make a magic memory stick, followed by how to install 3.80 M33-5 CFW, followed by how to install CFW 5.50 GEN-D3.

I am confused as to whether I need to install only one of these, or 3.80 followed by 5.50? I am not very tech minded so tech jargon would be lost on me. Obviously want the best, so if I only should be installing one, which one please?

Thanks, Kerri

  1. Anonymous
    August 8, 2011 at 7:01 am
  2. Anonymous
    August 7, 2011 at 3:41 am

    1-Introduction2-How To Create a Pandora Battery3-How to create a Magic Memory Stick4-Installing Custom Firmware1-IntroductionQ-How do I install custom firmware on my PSPA-Take a look at this video Q-What is a pandora battery?A-A Pandora battery is used to put your PSP in to "service mode" in serivce mode your PSP can be downgraded to official firmware 1.50 or custom firmware version 3.80. Check out section 2 for more information about the pandora batteryQ-What is a magic memory stick?A-A magic memory stick can be used when the PSP is in service mode, The magic memory stick acts as a boot device and contains the files needed to install custom firmware 3.80 or official firmware 1.50. For more information about the magic memory stick go to section 3.Q-Is my PSP compatable to install custom firmware?A-All PSP's can be hacked apart from the PSP's with the TA-088 v3 motherboard, To find out if your PSP has the TA-088 v3 motherboard click here2-How To Create a Pandora BatteryThere are two types of Pandora battery's available, One is called soft modded and one is called a hard modded pandora. Take a look below at the differencesHard Modded Pandora Battery'sThere are 2 types of hard modded pandora batterys, one was built solely to be used as a pandora and nothing else, One can be seen and bought here. The other type is where you take your battery and take it apart and cut a pin inside the battery. The disadvantages of doing this is that it is very hard to do and even harder to turn back in to a normal battery again. Take a look at this guide if you want to Hard Mod A Pandora BatterySoft Modded Pandora Battery'sTo softmod a PSP battery all you have to do is run a software program which will put your battery in to "Service mode" and you can even run the program again to turn the battery back to a normal battery. For a guide on how to softmod your PSP battery take a look at this guide You also need to know that not all PSP batterys are modable, Below is a list of the compatibility of PSP batterysWorking:- Sony "standard" Li-ion 1800 mAh- Sony PSP-280 2200mAhNot working:- 3.6v 3600 mAh Battery Pack (Silver letters) (Model PSP-360) (Fake)- 2600 mAh Mega Battery Pack (Fake)- Atomic Battery Pack 3.6V 1800mAh- Sony PSP-280 2200mAh (Fake)- Sony PSP Bloc-Battery pack 3.6v 1800 mAh - Battery 3600mAh, unknown brand, (china made model NK-RH008) (Fake)- Battery Pack, unknown brand, (lithium) 3.6v 3600 mAH (Fake)- Intec 1800 mAh Li-ion- Intec 2200 mAh- UltraLast e-Boost 3.7v 2200mAh Li-PO battery3-How to create a Magic Memory StickTo create a magic memory stick you will need a PSP memory stick with at least 128mb in size. Download the files needed from our download section then extract the .rar file and double click on the begin.bat file and follow the prompts. After you create a magic memory stick you will need to use it with a pandora battery, Take a look at this video which will show you what to do After you have used the magic memory stick feel free to format it and use as per normal with your PSP 4-Installing Custom FirmwareOnce you have your Pandora battery and magic memory stick you are ready to install custom firmware, Watch the following video to show you exactly what to do[youtube][/youtube]