Can I install Lion on an external drive to be an iTunes server?

Tony November 30, 2011
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My 2.33GB Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM iMac just barely meets requirements for Lion.

I would like to install Lion onto an external hard drive solely to house my iTunes and host my iPhone 4 and iPad 1 (to begin iCloud). They both are joined with a MBP that is definitely on its way out, and I would like to merge the settings and files with my iMac where they meet is Lion on the external.

So is it ok to do this? And if so, is there any documentation so I dont screw it up? I will eventually get a new Mac, but for now this is what I would like to do before I lose it. Thanks! :)

  1. Mike
    November 30, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    As long as your iMac meets the Mac OS X 10.7 requirements you can install it ~ even to an external Hard Drive [assuming it is formatted in HFS+].

    Since you previously synchronized your iOS devices with your MBP you will have to transfer the entire iTunes Library and all synchronized files and information to your Lion installation.

    The easiest way would be using the Migration Assistant and transfer the entire User account and files to the Lion installation.

    Another option is to manually move [only the necessary] files:
    1. you will have to consolidate your iTunes Library (e.g. using this guide)
    2. move all synchronized files from the MBP to the Lion installation

    ~/Music/iTunes Library
    ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library
    ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook

    Personally I suggest to use the Migration Assistant because it's the only one easy and "usually" working without problems method.