Is it possible to install IE8 and Silverlight on Linux?

Harsh Parekh December 21, 2011
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We are planning to buy an enterprise web based application which is built on ASP.NET. Now its basic requirement are IE8 and Silverlight for user terminals to run the application.

Is there any way to implement above requirements on a Linux based OS so that we can save some money on license cost for Windows OS for all our terminals? It would be huge savings if there is any fool-proof solution. Because we are buying Windows OS just to fullfill the browser and Silverlight installation requirement.

  1. Jeff Fabish
    December 21, 2011 at 7:46 am


    Silverlight and IE6 run well in Wine, a Windows emulator (granted the application isn't resource intensive). 
    WineHQ - Silverlight
    WineHQ - Internet Explorer

    - Jeff