If you know PearlTrees, why do you like it, do you know similar sites, and what’s good about their GUI?

Joseph Videtto February 10, 2013
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When I first stumbled upon PearlTrees.com, I was very excited – I very much like the tree view (I think it’s a tree view) that it provides. And the idea of finding the best on the web for a particular topic is not so different from MakeUseOf’s goal of providing a service for us to “get the most out of the web”
(and they’re doing an outstanding job toward that end for me : ) thanks again for a great free service

My questions are:
1.) If you use PearlTrees.com, why do you like it and what does it offer you that is better than other websites that recommend good links on a particular topic?

2.) What other sites offer the best website recommendations on narrow topics, as pearlTrees.com does?

3.) Is there a benefit of the GUI provided by “PearlTrees.com” vs. a flat list of recommended hyperlinks?

  1. null
    April 10, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    As a website owner I don;t like Pearltrees at all. It's an abuse of my copyright as many of the pearls from my website are showing the entire page which means there's no traffic going to my website from them.

  2. Zack263
    February 14, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    I've been a user of PearlTrees and I find it very enjoyable. Some of the things I like about pearltrees are:

    1. The PearlTree is just fun and easy to surf the web with; further only takes a few minutes to learn how to use.

    2. You can organize and book mark your favorite links in an easy to understand and visually pleasing way.

    3. You can communicate easily with others, see their pearltress, and even edit and share each others tree.

    4. PearlTrees seems to always be improving over time. If you were to watch
    Pearl Trees 6 monthes ago, a year ago... you could see major improvements
    to the site.

    5. Go type in Zack263 at pearltrees and you should be able to find my tree!

  3. Oliver Starr (@OWStarr)
    February 12, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Joseph, hi. I work for Pearltrees. Let me answer your questions:
    Personally, I use Pearltrees for many reasons, though the ability of our site to help me discover content related to my interests is really only a minor one. For me the ability to easily collect and organize the topics I care about for myself is really the most important. The power here is that I can easily collect and organize what I like while browsing, as well as from facebook and twitter. The product allows me to customize my collections in ways that make it feel much more personal than any other product that lets you collect and share links and other digital objects. For example, I can customize a background to correspond to a topic, or simply with an image or pattern that I like. I can arrange my collection any way that i like and if my tastes change I can easily reshape my collection with my fingers or a few clicks of a mouse. I can customize the Pearls (folders and sub-folders) and the individual pearls (any digital object) with custom images if I like as well.

    Pearltrees lets me create my own, personal, visual library. A library that you I use alone or with people that share my interests. One that you I always have with me no matter where I am (since it works on iPhone, iPad, Web and soon, Android and HTML5).

    The product learns from my collections and helps me discover the best stuff specifically related to my interests. It is also one of the only platforms that allos me to follow a specific topic at the level of a single person. In other words, I might really enjoy a persons knowledge of cigars but hate it when he talks politics. In twitter I'd probably unfollow him fast in this case, but with Pearltrees I can choose to follow only his cigar collection and I never see, hear or even know a thing about his politics. It's efficient and peaceful!

    As far as other sites that can do what Pearltrees does, I'm not sure there are any apples to apples comparisons. To my knowledge our discovery feature is the only one to completely expose the interest graph created by a large community. Whenever you click or tap related you're looking at the results of that graph as it relates to you and in real-time. If you know of any other site that does anything like this, I'd love to check it out.

    The design of Pearltrees has been developed with several key attributes in mind:
    - we wanted to help give people a quick visual understanding of any topic they browse
    - we wanted to provide a high degree of realism so people feel they are manipulating objects and that they are taking possession of these objects for themselves when they are added to a beautiful and heavily personalized visual library
    - we wanted to make something people find beautiful because we believe that most people enjoy playing with beautiful things.

    Hope this helps!

    Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist