Why does my HP LaserJet 1320 printer not duplex print on Windows 7 64-bit?

Rick Lester November 3, 2011

HP 1320 will not duplex print on a Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Universal driver does not duplex, and I need to duplex.

    November 3, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Hello, what driver are you using for your printer?  The hp page does not have drivers for windows 7 64 bits.  You can use the driver for vista 64 either by itself or you could try using it in compatibility mode.  To use it in compatibility mode, try the following:
    -- download driver for your operating system.  (Vista 64 recommeded)
    -- navigate to folder where file was downloaded
    -- highlight and right click on file
    -- select properties
    -- right click on the compatibility tab
    -- select vista operating system with service pack
    -- under privilige level heading, make sure to mark Administrator
    -- click Apply and then ok
    -- try to check it works
    You could also try to run the .exe program for your drivers as administrator.
    -- navigato to folder where file was downloaded
    -- right click on file
    -- select run as administrator
    HP drivers page:
    [Link Removed]
    In case you want to try doing it manually:
    [Link Removed]
    To do it automatically:
    [Link Removed]
    This link will show you all the help articles about duplex printing for your model:
    [Link Removed]
    Troubleshooting page for your printer:
    [Link Removed]