How to set Chrome browser bookmark folders to automatically scroll down when the mouse is placed over them?

Joseph V July 8, 2013
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I use Chrome and often have the problem that I bookmark too many things without categorizing and indexing them. As a result, I have a mishmash mess of bookmarks on my Chrome “Bookmarks Bar” – the tab at the top. And can never easily find the ones I want without searching through all my bookmarks via the Bookmark Manager.

Now that may seem like a small nuisance – but I’m on the internet so much, I’m sure I could claim up to an hour or more a month by doing my bookmarking more efficiently – and I’m a STICKLER for minimizing keystrokes.

So it occurred to me to create logical folders, which would always be visible in my “Bookmarks Bar”…easy to drag and drop new internet sites with minimal keystrokes – but I hate having to single click on the folders before I look for recent entries. So finally – the question:

Is there a way to set up my browser so that ONLY the folders result in an automatic opening for viewing when the mouse is placed over them ?

Or do you have an alternative way that you manage your bookmarks that minimizes keystrokes and makes it easy to find previous bookmarks ?


I vaguely recall seeing a Windows setting that allows this type of behavior – but I believe it applied to all programs and apps. I’m not sure I could get used to that. If you recall where this setting is, and use it regularly – or tried it and decided not to use it, please share your opinions on that Windows Mouse feature also.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Oron J
    July 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Hi Joe, I'm not sure I understand what you are after, but with that caveat, here are my suggestions. Certainly it's not a good idea to have all your bookmarks added to the bookmark bar. Move all your bookmarks to the "Other bookmarks" folder, and when you bookmark new pages, always add them to that folder, not to the bookmarks bar.
    Secondly, create a handful of folders for most useful categories and move the appropriate items into them (not more than 20 or so per folder, or they will become unmanagable too). You can also categorise items in the Other bookmarks list in folders if you like. Then, to open the more common bookmarks, click the relevant folder in the bookmarks bar; for anything else, look in the Other bookmarks menu, or use the bookmark manager (Ctrl+Shift+O).
    As a second option, you can start typing the name of a relevant page in the address/search bar and Chrome will suggest items from the menu mixed in with the search results. It works very well.
    Finally, you could create some macros in Auto Hot Key or iMacro for Chrome which will automate some of the organisation/search routine for you.