How to personalise each email so it doesnt look like massmail?

Simon T August 6, 2013
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Saikat Basu in “How Writing Amazing Emails Can Further Your Career How Writing Amazing Emails Can Further Your Career Sending professional emails gives an intangible boost to your online (and offline) reputation. The ultimate yardstick of artful emailing is if you can bag a job or land a gig with just an impressive email.... Read More ” asks for personalized emails and never “mass emails”.

I remember such a feature used to be on MS Word (mailmerge) when you created a merge letter that picks some details from the address of your intended recipients. How can you extend this process to emails, so they look personalized, with each person’s name in the right places throughout the email?

  1. Oron Joffe
    August 6, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    I don't think that by "personalising" Saikat meant "add the recipient's name" (a la mail merge), but rather that you should actually write to each recipient personally.
    That said, there is sometimes the need to do mail merge in email. The details of how to do it vary from package to package. MS Outlook integrates nicely with Word and/or Excel and you can Google "how to mail merge in Word" (or Excel) to find the details of how to do so. If you use Thunderbird, there's an extension called "Mail Merge" (now there's a surprise) which allows you to customise your mailmerges to a great extent, and there will be other methods for other mail clients. As for cloud-based mail, you can mail merge in GMail (the data comes from Google Docs), but there are strict limits as to how many messages you can send at any one time. I don't know about and Yahoo mail, but I expect that mailmerge will either not be available there, or will be severely restricted.

    Finally, there are maillist products such as MailChimp which allow you to customise your message in a very refined way for each recipient, but these are really geared towards marketing and regular mail listing, so may be overkill for your needs.