How to copy variuos articles without print overlap?

Harry H July 9, 2013

I am trying to download and print an article, but no matter what print setting (fit to page, 100%) I try to adjust to, there’s usually overlap printing — usually with your increasingly amounts of advertisements over the article print. How to correctly download various articles to print?

  1. Oron J
    July 9, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    You'll need to give us more information about what websites/articles you're trying to download. Also, are you only trying to print from Internet Explorer, or have you tried other browsers?

    In any event, here are two tips which work with most browsers:
    1. Highlight the body of the article itself (that is, minus the c**p all around it), and when bringing up the print dialogue box, choose "Selection" as your print range. This will reformat the text and fit it to the full width of the page.
    2. There are extensions such as PrintFriendly ( which allow you to choose which parts of the page you want to print. With these tools, you can get rid not only of the adverts and navigation bar, but also of large images which are not important to you and will save you ink.
    3. Finally, Readability ( will remove all extraneous material from your web page and will make it more readable both on the screen and in print. Note however that Readability does not work equally well with all web sites, so you'll still need one or more of the other solutions for the resistant sites!