How do pirates make money from torrents?

Danny K October 31, 2013
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I know many pirates make money by uploading movies, TV shows, games and music files to file sharing websites and get revenue from advertising on those websites. But, I have seen pirates (or teams of pirates) who create torrents for these files. Even looks like there’s a cut-throat competitions among these guys about the whose content is the best or who uploads them first. From what I’ve read they have invested in very fast seedboxes and things like that. And that must be costing them huge amounts of money. But how do they make money from these torrents unless they also upload to the file sharing websites?

One source of revenue that I know is from links to the screenshots of the torrents they post. But that revenue can’t be worth all this, right? Or am I wrong?

  1. Harish J
    November 1, 2013 at 5:11 am

    These scene release temas make money by the sheer number of clicks their torrents get. You are right to a certain extent. Clicking on screenshots and other links does give them revenue, but that is somewhere around $2 for 1,000 clicks.

    Here's an interview by TorrentFreak on the same subject: