How do I regain access to my FaceBook account when it won’t let me specify a new email address?

Sarah M December 12, 2013
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I don’t remember my password for Facebook and cant access my email, so i tried doing what you guys said in “2. Do You No Longer Have Access To Contact Options Or Has Your Information Been Changed? How to Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can't Log In Forgot your password? Were you hacked? Here's how to recover your Facebook account using proven Facebook account recovery options. Read More “.

However, when I clicked on the link “No longer have access to these?”, instead of letting me specify a new email it told me to “try to get access to my email”, but there’s no way for me to access that email : / , and i desperately need to be able to log on to my Facebook. Is there anything i can try or do differently?

When  I click the link “No longer have access to these?” it wont let me specify a new email

  1. Hovsep A
    December 12, 2013 at 11:14 am

    did you try
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