How do I find out who is using how much bandwidth?

Vidit J September 25, 2013

My internet speed is not that great and of that, some of my friends are hogging most of the bandwidth.

How do I find out who is using how much and what kid of speeds each person is getting?

Also, is there a tool to see who is downloading a heavy file or streaming a video on the network?

  1. Jan F
    September 26, 2013 at 12:19 am

    That mostly depends on your current network setup.

    If you are running your own private LAN you may be able to get that information from your router. Have you looked into it's web interface? If that is not the case maybe it is compatible with a third-party firmware that offers this information.

    Depending on your hardware NetFlow may be another option to analyze the traffic used by each device.

    As for traffic shaping you are mostly limited to QoS (Quality of Service) which mostly performs prioritizing rather than actually limiting bandwidth and usage.

    If neither none is available you only got a few choices left:
    1. Remind your friends that it's a shared network and that they should mind others using the internet too.
    2. If it's your internet (you pay for it) then give your friends the option to either limit their usage or get their own internet.
    3. Setup your own firewall & traffic shaping server using spare hardware (which again, you should only do if you are the person who actually pays for the internet). It will need two network interfaces and has to be connected in a place where all traffic does go through it e.g. between a router and a modem. There are some ready to use distributions out there like pfSense