How can I transfer mailboxes, address book and contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail and iCal?

Evan P July 10, 2013

I want to switch back to Apple Mail. I am currently using Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac. I would like to transfer all of my mailboxes including the attachments present in them, export my address book to vCard and also the contacts to iCal. I have tried to import through the import option in Apple Mail but it doesn’t show Outlook 2011.

I am using Mac OS X (10.7.4).

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Oron J
    July 10, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    The simplest solution is to export your mail from Outlook 2.011 (in OLM format), then use use "OLM Converte"r (about £27 from the Apple App Store) to convert it to an Apple Mail compatible format.
    For an alternative, more labour-intensive (but free) option, see .
    A third solution is to set up in Outlook an IMAP connection with an email account (this does not have to be your existing email account, although that would work too) and drag all the messages you want to transfer into that account. You would then connect to the same account using Mail, and the messages will be downloaded. If you don't want them kept on the server, you can now copy them to a different location and change your connection details. This is a slow process since uploading the messages to the server, and downloading again can take a long time (if you have a lot of mail, think hours, perhaps even a day or two). However, it's surprisingly easy to do and very effective, so it may suit you.

  2. Jan F
    July 10, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Outlook 2011 to Adress Book:
    create a folder on your Desktop
    select all contacts in Outlook and drag & drop them into that folder
    this will create vCards for the contacts which you can simply drag & drop into the Apple Address Book

    Outlook 2011 to iCal:
    the easiest way to get your calendar over is to use the Sync Services within Outlook
    go into Outlook Settings > Sync Services and enable sync of your calendars
    depending on the amount of entries this may take a while, at best leave this sync on for 1-2 days and then disable before "disposing" of Outlook

    Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail:
    If you are using an IMAP or Exchange mail service just make sure that all emails reside on the server. They will automatically be downloaded within Apple Mail.

    If you are using an POP mail service the easiest option (for all of the above) will be to export all data within Outlook and then use a OML converter e.g.

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