How can I quickly move emails from IncrediMail to Thunderbird?

Macalla S September 11, 2013

I have 1000+ IncrediMail emails and I am using Thunderbird. But now I need to move IMM files (IncrediMail extension) from IncrediMail to Thunderbird immediately. This is difficult because of the large number of attachments. However, I require the transfer of the attachments.

Is there any solution which can quickly convert entire IncrediMail messages to Thunderbird without missing any information?

  1. Kev Q
    September 11, 2013 at 11:55 am

    The best thing I would suggest is to not connect your email client with POP, but with IMAP instead. With POP it basically downloads the mail from your server, down to your machine. However, with IMAP, is syncs your client (thinderbird, for example) with your server.

    What that means is if you were to change mail clients, all you would need to do is setup the account and all the mail would be synced into the correct folders exactly as it was on your previous application. This also means that if you're ever away from your machine you can access your webmail and it will be exactly the same setup as your client application - even your read and unread items would be the same.

    To migrate from POP to IMAP all you need to do is setup your email account again within Incredimail, but this time using your IMAP server instead of your POP server (I don't know what email service your are using but if you google something like "gmail imap settings", or "yahoo imap settings" you will easily find them). So you will then have two copies of your mailbox, one in POP and the other in IMAP. All you need to do then is drag and drop your messages from the POP mailbox to the IMAP. It's a headache initially, but once it's done you will never need to migrate again.

  2. Hovsep A
    September 11, 2013 at 8:35 am

    How do I convert IncrediMail to Thunderbird in MBOX, with attachments?