How can I join two networks to use Internet connection from WiFi network in my home?

Anonymous October 22, 2013
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My neighbor has a Belkin router with Internet connection. I use his internet connection in my PC via a USB Yaggi anntenna I have my home network with SITECOM WLR-5000 router for video/pictures files stream to my TV.

I would like to have internet in my network to use it in my TV (upgrade firmware, facebook…) and in my mobile phone. How can I get internet into my network?

I’d try to make my router to an repeater, but its not easy to set it right; I’m newcomer to networks. Also I’d try to set in windows share internet connection with joining of the both networks. Till now it does not work.

Thank you for your help.

  1. Jan F
    October 23, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    As always, the DD-WRT Wiki has a perfect explanation what is required and how to setup a wireless repeater.

    If you use Internet Connection Sharing you will have to "degrade" your own router to simply be a switch+access point (no DHCP) as the IP-Addresses will then have to be handed out by your computer (by ICS). This also means your computer and Internet Connection Sharing has to be running whenever you want to use the internet.

    This information is of course provided under the assumption that you do have your neighbors permission to use his WiFi and internet connection. Otherwise it would be illegal and a crime…