How can I install Android Jeallybean on my Motorola Atrix 2?

Michael Broome May 21, 2013

I have tried to root my Motorola Atrix 2 so that i can get jellybean on it…. but it won’t install. What do I need to do?

  1. susendeep dutta
    May 22, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Try the suggestions listed in the below link -

  2. Rajaa Chowdhury
    May 22, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Refer to Google Search link given. I found lot of resources of how to flast to Jelly Bean update, because as per the news I see there, there will be no official update.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46751780,d.bmk&fp=1ee28c319aa87985&biw=1440&bih=809

    • Rajaa Chowdhury
      May 22, 2013 at 12:10 am

      I do not know why the full link got partially hyperlinked, kindly highlight the full link till the end and then right click and click Go to https:// thing

    • susendeep dutta
      May 22, 2013 at 7:13 am

      You can use Imgtfy service to illustrate how to google a search term.Then you have to share that link.

      See an illustration of what you wanted to show -

  3. ha14
    May 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm