How can I have my level in the video game Microvolts?

Anonymous July 6, 2013

Microvolts is a video game where I want to hack myself to be at a high level, how can I do that? I don’t mind working hard for the hack  to work.

  1. Susendeep D
    July 22, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Have a look at the descriptive advise on how to get into higher level(nearly a hack) by -

    x_1_x -

    .......... I can answer this because I'm currently ranked 41 on the the 100 and first appeared on the top 100 when I was LEVEL 58.

    Ok, the top 100 is based on these 4 factors mainly


    Believe it or not, Level and WL mean a lot more than KD and playtime. This is because MV designed the top 100 to filter the level/kill hackers out. If you see a obvious hacker they are most likely low ranked for their level (like last page of top 100 when level 71). If you got a good WL, you are most likely higher ranked than a same level good KD user. Therefore, kill farming is useless if you are trying to get to the top 100.

    Therefore, to get on the top 100 with a low level as fast as you can. You must farm Yuki's 1:55 method as this gives you a large WL. Keep in mind that if you got an 8 WL ratio and you stop farming so your WL drops to 5. Your rank will not go down as the top 100 is also designed to only let users go up in rank by playing.

    This means that if you farm 1:55 a lot you will appear on the top 100 when you are level 58, if you elimination kill farm, you will appear at around 63, if you play legit or TDM/CTB farm you will appear on the top 100 in around level 66/67.

    From my correct infos, I will assume that luptatortheck used some CE or TDM farmed and UziEl used hacks but was really good at disguising it.

    Hope I help (I obviously did)

    Happy 1:55 farming!