How can I fix my jailbroken iPhone after I deleted a package and it won’t start?

Rahul Bhatia April 25, 2013

I have an iPhone 4 GSM running iOS 6.1 jailbroken.

I accidentally deleted the evasi0n package from Cydia. Now my iPhone is not starting, it’s stuck at the Apple logo.

Whenever I connect my iPhone to my PC via USB cable I can see images and videos which are in my iPhone. But at the same time the iPhone displays only the Apple logo on the screen.

What should I do to start my iPhone? How can I properly fix this?

Please help!

  1. ha14
    April 25, 2013 at 8:59 am

    the above mentioned solution should work in restoring iphone if iTunes backup is made.

    Fix for Blank Cydia Problem

    evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak Errors And Fixes [FAQ]

  2. Rajaa Chowdhury
    April 25, 2013 at 3:26 am

    Connect your iPhone to iTunes and do a full backup of your data. Once you have done that, do a factory reset via iTunes ( ). Once your phone starts, restore back the data. After everything is completed and works, again jailbreak it and screw up the phone (hahaha, pun intended, just joking, do not take it seriously) :P

  3. Justin
    April 25, 2013 at 1:41 am

    There is a way to fix this. Sometimes it is simple: others, it is usually a lengthy process.

    Try this:
    Before you begin - Open itunes on your computer and have your iphone cable in hand. Make sure the USB portion is plugged into your computer and all other applications are closed.
    1. Turn your iphone off
    2. Press and hold the home button
    3. As you are holding the home button, plug your iphone into your computer.
    Note - You will have to restore in this situation
    4. Keep holding your iphone's home button down unntil iTunes recognizes it as a device.
    5. Restore to factory settings. Try to get a backup if you can.
    If no backup is available, your most recent icloud backup or itunes backup would be the most recent you can get
    6. Restore phone from backup

    If that doesn't work:
    1. Put iphone into DFU mode
    There are instructions for this online. Make sure iphone is not plugged in yet.
    2. Once in DFU mode, plug iphone into computer with itunes already running.
    3. The same restore instructions as before should come up.

    This may take several tries. These methods do work though. I have tried them on my jailbroken iphone 4 and jailbroken ipad 3