How can I extract email addresses from PST folders and word documents?

B Mohan K November 30, 2013

I have about 50 PST files and a few thousand word documents. I Need a software which can:

  1. Extract email IDs from these PST files and folders
  2. Verify the validity of the email IDs
  3. Have the ability to create a mailing list to send news letters etc, with opt-out features

Am not necessarily looking out for a free software, but at the same time not an expensive one (definitely less than $200 ).

All pointers will be appreciated.

  1. Oron J
    November 30, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Interesting question!
    Collecting addresses
    It's possible to extract email address from headers (From: CC: etc) in Outlook as described in Extracting Email Addresses from Emails [Broken Link Removed]. This will only work on one PST file at a time, so you may want to join several PST by importing them into a new one to save yourself from having to do this 50 times.

    An easier way is to use Email Address Collector ($29.95) which simplifies the job greatly and will probably do a better job.

    As for the Word documents, you can get a package that goes by the unlikely name of "MS Word Extract E-Mail Addresses from Multiple Files and Documents Software" from HotHotSoftware which will do just what you want.
    However you do it, make sure you end up with the addresses in text (or CSV) format, with an address on each line.

    The methods described above will ensure that what you get are addresses that look like valid addresses (i.e. they have text followed by an @ followed by what looks like a domain name). It is not possible to verify that the addresses actually exist and are in use without sending a message to that address (more specifically, there is a way to do just that, which you can try out at, but it only works if the recipient's mail server will "play ball", and most mail servers are now configured not to answer such questions...).

    Manage mailing list
    There are plenty of ways to handle mass mailings, both with software on your computer and in the cloud. I can recommend, which is a cloud based solution. You can easily upload the addresses to it and it will handle the whole subscription side of things (i.e. it offers the recipients the opurtunity to unsubscribe, allows others to subscribe online and will give you lists and statistics about delivery and subscription rates). It also allows you to compose very nice mails (which they call "campaigns") and will track the deliveries for you.

    • B Mohan K
      December 1, 2013 at 9:01 am

      Thanks for the reply