How can I connect to my home Dynex DX-E402 router remotely?

Anonymous November 14, 2013

I am trying to tie into a component that I have connected to my home router via Ethernet cable. I have port forwarded port 80 as required by the component on my Dynex DX-E402 router and I have reserved an IP address that I have assigned to the component that I am trying to reach remotely through our router, but I have been unable to log into our home router. What is it that I need to be putting in the web browser from the remote location to be able to log in with?

  1. Bruce E
    November 14, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    If I understand this correctly, the issue is not really connecting to your router remotely, but to this other device on your network. If you have your router configured to forward port 80 (HTTP traffic) to the IP address of this device, it is simply a matter of entering the outside address (Internet facing) of your MODEM in the address bar of a web browser out on the 'net. So, if your assigned Internet address (from your ISP) is, that is what you would put into the address bar of the web browser (port 80 is the default). When it gets passed to your router, it will then be forwarded on to the machine on your home network that is assigned the IP you configured under Port Forwarding on the router. You can find your external IP address by going to Network Tools. The default IP address it populates its search field (just above the GO button) with is the current address assigned to you by your ISP.