How can I automatically trigger Gmail whenever a file saves to Google Drive?

Joseph V October 27, 2013
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Hi – I work in a school, and we publish and update a schedule daily.

One thing I thought that would be nice is if I could take a picture of that schedule daily (it’s updated with pen and paper, which is easier) and drop it into one of my Google Drive folders (named, aptly “Daily Schedule Updates”. Upon this event, a daily Gmail message would be sent to all teachers with picture of the new schedule attached.

Of course this could be done in a programming language (which I don’t care to write, LOL) , but it seems to me there must be a less burdensome way to do it.

How could this be done with the least keystrokes from an Android phone or an iPhone ? The biggest hurdles for me are:

  1. Most easily – and automatically if possible, moving the picture of the schedule to the designated GDrive folder.
  2. Recognizing that the event of an updated picture having been loaded.

I think I could do the minimal coding involved in attaching and sending to a designated Gmail list once the file update has been received (though I’m not sure of the best scripting language to use for this purpose).

  1. Rama M
    October 28, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Check out for any recipe available like this ..
    When new file added to Google Drive > Send Email using Gmail .