If I hide my post to person A and sent the post to person B, and person B is A’s friend, will A still see the post on B’s timeline?

Anonymous February 6, 2014
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Let’s say I shared a picture to person B, and hid it to person A, and A is B’s friend. Will A see the post on B’s timeline?

  1. Mohammad Hamzani S
    February 7, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    as long as u set the "person a" as restricted or limited and then set the post u send to "person b" as freind to freind except limited or restricted option. i think the "person a" will not see it. u also must alter all related option to tagging, posting, and such to "freind and freind only except limited" as default option. i think it can be done that way. the ovious thing that facebook mention is when we block someone, the person still can see what we post in group that the person also join and when we tag person that also freind with he/she unless we set them as restricted or limited.

    u can tried it. how to set person to restricted mode. go to their page or hower the mouse on top of their name > when popup tab appear > hower to freind tab > then click "add to other list" > and select restricted or limited in popup menu. then u ready to share with the person know or get info on it.

    but please do tried it lightly before u start share post that can make the other person angry. as i know, i okay since i also doing the same.