What are the hardware requirements to download and view video from a HD camcorder?

aweirdguy November 11, 2010

My coworker has a HD camcorder, but cannot download the video with Pinnacle because he has an older Windows XP system and it said his graphics card couldn’t handle it. He is buying a new PC on Black Friday and wants to be sure it will be compatible.

The camcorder has Firewire and HDMI out. If a PC has a HDMI port, will that be capable of input as well as video out? Also, if it has the HDMI port, can we assume that the graphics card will be able to handle the HD video input?

  1. Aaron
    November 12, 2010 at 3:21 am

    The firewire is how you upload from the camera. As far as requirements go for the computer it varies between definition. for viewing 1080p, he would need a graphics card supporting 1920x1080