Why won’t my hard drive display all its usable space?

amjad wali November 30, 2011

In My Computer, the C: drive shows its space is full, but my C drive only uses up 4 to 5 GB of space. All the other space is hidden. Why does my computer do this?

  1. Anonymous
    December 1, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    possible you allocated more space for windows restore points.

    1) Go to Start menu then click Control Panel.
    2) In the Control Panel, select System and Security, and then click System
    3) click the Advanced system settings in the navigation panel on left-hand side.
    4) In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Protection tab.
    5) Select drive in Available Drives and click the Configure buton
    6) In the dialog box of System Protection, use the slider to adjust the space used for restore points.

    see this will help your problem.

    December 1, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Hello, you could try using a freeware program called treesize to double check the space in your drive:


    How big is your hard drive?  What is the hard drive your system is installed on?

  3. Jeff Fabish
    December 1, 2011 at 5:53 am


    First, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Options -> click the 'View' tab. Then select the radio button "Show hidden files, folders, or drives", press 'Apply' then 'Ok'.  Then, go to Start -> Search and type "Disk Cleanup" and launch the utility. A drive selection dialog box will appear, chose your C: drive and press 'Ok'. 

    When the scan completes, check all of the items that you know you want to delete and press 'Ok'. A false reading of your hard drive space is indicative of malware as well, so update your anti-virus and perform a full scan. You may also want to install an anti-malware and scan with that. 

    Lastly, go to Start -> Search and type 'cmd.exe' and launch "Command Prompt". When it opens, type "chkdsk /f". It will ask you if you want to schedule the fix for the next boot, type 'Y' and press enter. Then, restart your computer and it will scan your disk for faults and try to repair them. This could take anywhere from a few moments to a few hours, depending on your hard drive size. 

    - Jeff