How can I get Greek subtitles working on my PlayStation 3?

Tommy February 26, 2011
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I read the article on how to combine .avi files with .srt files into DivX How To Play AVI Files with Subtitles On The PlayStation 3 Read More , and it worked fine. However, my subtitles are in Greek and it doesn’t recognize the characters.

I tried everything, changing the subtitle language setting for DVDs, I copied the .divx file to the HDD, and changed the subtitle language to Greek modern (1453) and ancient Greek (just in case), and still nothing worked. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  1. Anonymous
    February 27, 2011 at 8:22 am


    Blu-ray players and the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) console support playing AVCHD files, and the at least the PS3 supports playing M2TS files directly without authoring to AVCHD first.

    If you have your M2TS files already authored as AVCHD (CERTIFICATE and BDMV folders) then you can learn how to burn it a DVD disc and play it back on PS3 or Blu-ray players in either of the following guides.SO IF MY INPUT IS AN MKV FILE AND OUTPUT IS AN M2TS FILE then will work.

    How to burn AVCHD with Nero Burning ROM:

    Burn AVCHD disc with ImgBurn:

    Add your .srt file as "External subtitles" in [PROPERTIES]. No need to hard-encode or convert with easySUP.(IN THE MEDIA TAB. UNDER THE 'FIT ALL' OPTION)

    Siimply name the .srt as your movie and when you load the movie in multiAVCHD it will auto-load the subtitles, too, ADD .SRT FILE AS EXTERNAL SUBTITLES AND I WILL BE ABLE TO SOFTCODE THEM IN ON PLAYBACK?


    Try saving the subtitle file(s) in Unicode (UTF-8?), rather than in SJIS/JIS/EUC (if your editor allows it), then add the subtitles to your video

    just use Vobsub, it will quickly create a new video file with subtitles without re-encoding the video, you then have to turn subtitles on within the settings during playback



    How To: Add Subtitles to your PS3 Movies

    You can add up to 8 subtitles to any Divx file without re-econding the video, you just need ~2 minutes per .AVI
    From PS3, choose subtitle options from the "triangle" button, works like DVD subtitle behavior.
    Also works on regular DVD player capable to play Divx files (like Sony)

    • Onyxwhite
      February 27, 2011 at 8:31 am

      that is the article i read to begin with and discovered the problem with Greek subtitles.