What is a good backup program for novices which work like Dropbox?

Osama Javaid September 14, 2011
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I am currently using Easeus ToDo Backup to back up D and E partitions in my PC to my external hard drive.

It was good because of its easy interface, but today when I opened the backup file (.PBD), I found that some folders were missing, which means those weren’t backed up. Also Easeus ToDo Backup takes 291 MB space after installation and it is very heavy on system resources while backing up.

I want a small, lightweight and most of all EASY software to back up my selected PC partitions to my external drive. I want a software which function just like Dropbox, that whatever changes I make in my selected partitions, these should be exactly copied in the external drive when I run the software.

Recently, I tried SyncBack, but the only problem with it was that it can back up one partition at a time.

  1. Osama
    September 15, 2011 at 10:02 am

    but the other problem I already mentioned that easeus todo back up take a lot of space and even some folders were missing in the backup file, so i am looking for some other software

    • Mike
      September 15, 2011 at 4:16 pm

      I don't really get why 291 MegaByte for a software are of concern but that's not the point. The more important question is why the folder is missing in the first place? 

      If this is some permission issue that very same thing can and probably will happen with any other software you use. 
      The second option is also quite simple - the folder has never been there during a backup. 

      If your backup runs every Monday and every Thursday a folder you created on Tuesday and delete on Wednesday won't be on the backup. It didn't exist during the first backup on Monday and it was already gone before the second backup on Thursday. 
      Of course the time is also relevant. Backups are "snapshots" of your files at a specific time and date. A backup from Monday, 2pm cannot contain things that happened 3 hours later (Monday, 5pm) and a backup from Tuesday, 2pm will have the data that existed at this very time, not "all versions" of a file or folder you changed in between. 

      I suggest to look into the logs of Todo Backup specifically the warning and error log to find out what happened to this one folder that is missing. You should find them after clicking on the logo in the top left of the software. 

      • Osama
        September 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

        291 MB is of concern because this is software taking most space in my PC than all programs, and 2nd thing is that the folders were there during back up, there are more than 4 folders in my D partition from a long time out of which some were missing in the back up file (.PBD)

  2. Mike
    September 14, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Backups are in general not "light" on the system resources unless they are performing their job rather slow and take several hours to complete.
    For a successful backup files have to be compared with the existing backup (high CPU usage), copied (high input output on your hard drives), verified (high CPU usage), eventually cataloged and compressed (high CPU and RAM usage).You cannot compare Dropbox with a backup software. Dropbox is merely a synchronization to a cloud storage and all things like backups (for file recovery) and versioning happen on the Dropbox server.Also Dropbox runs constantly in the background and processes files as you "generate" them within it's folder. If you put a 1GB file into the Dropbox folder it will also take system resources but even more so utilize your entire bandwidth. A backup software on the other hand runs once every XX interval and has to process everything that changed within that period. Depending on the settings like full backup, incremental, differential, file verification, encryption, compression this process takes resources and time.