Why do I get a green screen in YouTube after applying fixes?

Adriana May 10, 2015
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Adriana asks:

Hello, 75% of the time my YouTube gets a green screen. I have a Hewlett-Packard laptop with Windows 8.

  1. I have tried the right click solution, but when I right clicked the YouTube video, I don’t have settings as one of my options.
  2. I have marked the ‘use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’ option on ‘Internet Setting’.
  3. I have reduced the quality of the video to ‘140p’.

….and I still get the green screen. If you have any solution as to why this may be happening, that’d be great! I have the most up-to-date Flash Player and it’s enabled.

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Kannon’s Reply:

There’s several possible origins for this problem, each with its own fix. All of the causes relate to how the graphics processor (referred to as a GPU) turns a YouTube’s video format into visually displayed video. The first and most important factor is your browser.

Change Your Browser

Internet Explorer may be the problem. It uses its own proprietary technologies to process video. Fortunately, there are many other browsers around. Have you tried Google’s Chrome Browser? You can download it here. If that fails, try using Mozilla’s Firefox Browser.

Chrome includes baked-in support for Adobe Flash, so you no longer need to manually install a plug-in. It also automatically updates itself, which saves a lot of hassle and is far more secure than browsers which rely on manual updates.

Update Flash Player

You see different settings because YouTube just changed the way video media streams over the Internet. Instead of defaulting to using Adobe Flash, YouTube now defaults to HTML5, which is a superior web technology for streaming video.

Consequently, updating Flash Player shouldn’t have any effect on your situation, unless you’ve somehow changed your settings (which I doubt). However, if you wish, you can try updating Adobe Flash here.

Disable Video Acceleration

Computers display video more smoothly if they use a specialized piece of hardware called a graphics processor (CPU and GPU differences What Is the Difference Between an APU, CPU, and GPU? Confused about computer processor acronyms? It's time to learn the difference between an APU, CPU, and GPU. Read More ). Computers can improve video playback by employing the GPU, although this sometimes causes problems, such as the green screen. By default, video acceleration is enabled.

In Flash Player, you can disable or enable video rendering just by right-clicking on the video window itself, going to settings, and checking or unchecking the box for video acceleration.

video settings flash player

In HTML5 videos, you can only control video acceleration by going through the about:flags interface. If you mistakenly right-click on an HTML5 video, you’ll see an interface like this:

html5 video interface

To change these settings in Chrome, type (without quotation marks) “about:flags” into the URL address bar and then press enter.

about flags chrome browser

You should see a warning, followed by numerous experimental features you can toggle in Chrome.

about flags warning

Locate the entry for “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode” and click on the blue text titled “Enable”. This will switch from GPU-accelerated video decoding to rendering the video using software, which is a CPU-intensive option. Software decoding is more reliable than hardware acceleration.

disable GPU

Driver Update

The GPU relies on software called “drivers”. These can become outdated and cease to perform properly.

Sometimes bugs cause GPUs to improperly display video and must be updated to work properly. In this case, we would need your specific laptop model number. Laptops usually display the model number beneath the battery. If it doesn’t have a removable battery, you can normally find the laptop model number somewhere on the back.

Asus published detailed instructions on how to locate your laptop’s (referred to as a “notebook” by Asus) number. Once you have these, you can then download the correct drivers. Also be aware of whether or not you need 64-bit drivers. Most modern laptops are 64-bit, but if you purchased something a few years ago, you might need to double check.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, please ask!

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