To future proof my next smartphone or not ? : A request 2 seek genuine opinions 2 buy nxt smartphone

Yashodhan B January 17, 2014
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This is the first time I am seeking this kind of help although I have been an avid MUO reader from the past 3 years.

The fact that I am unable to future proof the purchase of my next smartphone is making me do this, otherwise I would not have troubled you folks with this silly question of mine.

With 20K savings with me right now & brand preference of Sony & Samsung (in order of their listing), should I go for Sony Xperia SP right now ?
Or should I just wait a couple of months for any other mighty release that could match the spec-set of Xperia SP ?

Actually, considering that SP has a dual core processor, the query boils down to basically two things, viz:

  1. Would it cater more than enough for my future needs in terms of processing or I should wait for any other smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Win Pro Duos G3812 to be released? I am greatly concerned about the fact that the processor in Xperia SP is only dual core, though in future, I think, I would definitely need quad core owing to the fact that I plan to use it for hefty gaming & multitasking as well, which is the cause of my dilemma.
  2. Can you suggest any other android smartphone in 20K range with the same technical specifications & performance as that of Xperia SP?

My last question came up with positive suggestions from some people. I am anticipating the same for this one too.
Eagerly waiting for your response.

Yashodhan Bhatt

  1. Dalsan M
    January 17, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    I can only suggest looking for a quad core, 1-2GB RAM phone, if possible, that is in your budget. If you want a phone that would be able to handle upcoming games and multitasking, a dual core processor and less than 1GB RAM would barely be sufficient, especially in a year or so.

    Dual core phones have been out for a good few years, and the next step is an 8 core processor phone. Sometimes waiting it out for new phones to hit the market so that older phones would reduce in price is worthwhile.

  2. Dave P
    January 17, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    How long do you plan on owning this phone? Whichever handset you choose it will be superseded by another one within a year, so the best advice is to get whichever phone fulfills all of your needs and enjoy it. There's no real future proofing when it comes to smartphones, because you're only talking about incremental upgrades to memory etc. It should be more about buying the best phone within your budget, and the Xperia SP is clearly the phone you want right now.