How can I use my full internet bandwidth?

J August 27, 2010
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I subscribe to 12 MB per second from my ISP and according to Speedtest I get 30, but how come my downloads from even the most stable servers only come in at 2 MBps at best?

According to my iStat menus, I get up to 4 MBps, although according to my download progress I’m getting 2 at best. Is this because servers are only capable of permitting 2MBps downloads or is there something on my end that needs to be changed?

  1. Gopikumartamang
    November 3, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    the window has its own default tcp window size value ,withrespect to bandwith your isp is providing ,it should be changed .
    let see how to change tcp window size....

    the maximum tranfer unit (MTU) or say bandwitdh is calculated as follow: MTU(in bits/sec )=tcp window size *MTT/1000 or
    say, tcp window size =mtu*mtt/1000

    calculate the tcp window size in bytes for example, if you're having bandwith of 128kbs which means 16kBs and suppose you want to access any website with above speed then first trie to find out how much mtt(delay) value is there for this website ,this could be done by pinging the website or its ip
    for example ping there you will get mtt value in ms (for example 70ms) now put this value in formula tcp window size = bandwith*MTT/1000 for

    example , = 16*70/1000 =1.12kB 0r 1120bytes
    so the value for tcp window size is 1120(here in example)

    now go to registry as follow run>regedit>hkey_local_machine>system >current control set>services>tcpip> parameters there create a dword with name
    TcpWindowSize and set value 1120 (here only)

    more over you can to go group policy by typing gpedit.msc in run and in computer configuration select administrative templates then network then QoS packet shechdular then limit reservable bandwidth ,double click on it make it enable and change the default value 20% to 0. actually the 20% of bandwith is reserved for system(which is not reqiured) ,so set it to 0

    moreover uncheck the option QoS packet shceduler and network moniter driver in tcp ip's properties of lan adapter where your modem is connected or incase of dial up modem do this in ppp adapter.

    always use the open dns server ip addresses in tcpip properties of adapter suchas,, instead of dns server ip provided by your isp
    this will curtail the time cycle between host resolution between client (your pc) and dns server

    increase the memory provided to your lan adapter by knowing its IRQ
    to know the IRQ value of your lan adapter .go to device manager then in view tab select resources by type ,now expand IRQ then find the value for your ethernet card or adapter
    if know the IRQ for your adapter for example 23

    goto run type sysedit ,in system.ini at the end with new line type
    IRQ[value]=memory in mb for example

    restart the pc after all this tweaks
    and enjoy the real speed

    • Octopodian
      January 14, 2011 at 2:33 pm

      Couldn't be simpler.

  2. Jack Cola
    August 29, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Hi J, there are a few factors why you aren't getting the full speeds of your internet connection:

    1. The distance you are away from the exchange - the further away you are from your telephone exchange, the slower your speed is. If you are next door to it, you will be getting close to your 12mb, but if you are 5km (miles) away, you will be struggling to get half the speed.

    2. Your housing internal wireing - If you are using a crappy old copper cable with cuts etc or it's close to something which produces noise (or signal interference), it will reduce the quality, this affecting the speed

    3. Your modem - An old modem usually be slower then a newer one - some might only have a make output speed of 1.5mb.

    4. Wired Vs Wireless - if you are using a wired connection, it will be much faster and more reliable then a wireless connection

    5. Number of computers connected to your network - If you have say 3 computers all downloading files at the same time, your computer will only get 1/3 of the available speed (unless you give priory to some systems)

    6. Your neighbor hood - If you have a cable connection, if your neighbours are using a lot of bandwidth, you have to share it, making your connection slower.

    7. Your computer - as Ukorhar said, if your computer are downloading updates, your speed test will be slower

    8. The server you are conducting the speedtest on - If the server is in another country, the speed will be slower then if you did a speed test on a server in your country or state. Your ISP may have a file that you can download on their servers and you can use Firefox to see what speeds you get.

    That's a few (most) of the factors that affect your speed

    • Jeremy
      August 29, 2010 at 4:44 pm

      I do my speedtest on my local server and get 30MBps, but right after running that test I'll download a file and get only 2MBps, so my computer is not downloading at even 10% of its capability [im on a mac], do you know why that is?

      • Jack Cola
        August 30, 2010 at 6:59 am

        Jeremy, by local server, you mean a server you have in your house? If that's the case, of course you are going to get huge speeds because you are simply going through your home network and not the internet.

        If you log on to your router or modem, what connection speed to you get?

        Eg, my modem says I have a connection speed of 14635 Kbps, speed test I get 13311 Kbps, so that's pretty close for speed.

        Are you also using the same measurement because Megabits and Megabytes has quite a difference.

  3. ukohara
    August 28, 2010 at 8:36 am

    ok mate right now i am just telling you things or two but i am not providing u any actual links or tools. there is a function in windows which absorbs the 20-30% of your internet bandwidth(citation needed) for automatic updates thus making your downloads or uploads slower. so i will give u complete info in next 1-2 days because right know i dont have that document. just give me ur email i will send it to u. apart from this there are lots of third party applications and tools which claims to enhance the speed of your internet connection. i wont provide any name because they are not always safe to use because most of them are now in beta stage or testing apps so u use them on your own risk. just give me ur mail i will send the links to u personally.

    now comes some very trivial but sometimes crucial isuues whick maybe or may not effect the speed of your internet connection.

    if you are using a LAN which is already shared by many users and you are at the end or in the middle of this chain then the chances of getting a poor speed are higher. for example in your street there are other users also shares the same cable like u then speed decreases to some extent.

    secondly if the length of LAN cable exceeds (from router to your pc's LAN port) more than necessary it also compromises the speed. try to keep its length reasonable. try to check out for unnecessary bending or cuts as they may lead to poor speed.

    in case of usb modems well the actual site of usage can be a problem. insufficient signals causes slow speed. or a maintenance work on the mobile tower can create a dead link.

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